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Farconnect is designed to be organized during Devconnect by the Farcaster community for proliferating the Farcaster ecosystem. The first edition of Farconnect is being held during Devconnect Istanbul and is being organized by Emre. If you would like to contribute in any shape or form, please reach out via a direct cast.



Thank you to Matthew from Eventcaster for the grant and support.
Thank you to Cameron from FarCon for feedback and tips.
Thank you to Antimo for helping with creative direction and multisig support.
Thank you to Bill from Aburra for helping with the Nouns BuilderDAO proposal logistics.
Thank you to Akva from POAP for helping with distributing the Farconnect POAP. Thank you to all of our sponsors who enabled us to host this event for free.

To contribute to Farconnect Istanbul or future editions, see about.